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  • Sometimes it's good to have your head in the clouds...

    With the pressures and commitments of today's modern life, we often get caught up with chasing that next target. Be it in our personal life, our careers or in our climbing, the desire to "progress" can be a powerful one.

    Hunting Couloirs.

    Over the years life has deals everyone a few lessons, but if there's one standout for's that taking a pause can be both a welcome charge for the batteries and an opportunity to try something new. It can furnish you with a refreshed perspective, sharpen our focus and in some cases present a new project.

    Taking it in.

    SZENT's new frontier began in earnest during my first winter in the French Alps. Taking some time out from previous pursuits freed up, not only the time but also the ambition and energy required to start a new journey. Coupled with that it made for some awesome days on the mountain!

    SZENT. Freedom Inspired. No regrets :)




  • Team Szent takes one giant Dyno!

    It may seem like a small step for a sports brand to bring on sponsored athletes, but from our modest beginnings this really does mark a huge leap for Szent, It puts us on a path where we Continue reading

  • Rope Cleaning - No Soap Required

    If, like me, you sometimes neglect to care for your rope quite as well as you should, and it has gotten a bit dirty to the point where you walk away from the crag with black hands, and black streaks across the back of your neck from looping the rope, then this is for you. Continue reading

  • Queensland Leadfest Gets a Face Full of Chalk

    On the weekend of April 18th and 19th Urban Climb held the 2015 Queensland lead climbing championship, aptly named Leadfest.

    The event unfolded over two days with categories covering juniors to master, top roping on relatively flat walls for the beginners, to the palm sweatingly inverted Open A finals angling across Urban Climb Arch.  Continue reading

  • SZENT CLIMBING - Open For Business!

    Our new website has launched! Szent Clmbing are open for business and now offering XChalk-"Premium Rock Climbing Chalk"  in Europe, Australia & New Zealand.  Along side our signature chalk we have an ever growing line of apparel. The basis of which are our hand printed organic T's. They come in a variety of design for both guys and girls. Check us out at szentclimbing.comBig thanks to our developers 8wiredigital



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