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Our Company

     Szent was founded after dis

covering a single product that that was unlike any rock climbing chalk on the market. Inspired by the product concept, we teamed up with the creator to bring this chalk to a wider audience. From these modest beginnings we are developing our own products with the goal of providing quality focused mountain equipment to the discerning climber. At the core of everything we do will always be the fundamentals that brought us this point. A passion for climbing and the outdoors. Find Out More About Szent! Find Out More About Szent!

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Rock Climbing

     Szent's premium rock climbing product XChalk was developed to be the best climbing chalk in the world. In order to counteract the effects of gritty rock which leaves your hands and fingers cut and burning, the combination of the purest magnesium carbonate blended with some of nature’s wonder herbs led to a chalk that not only has superior grip, but also soothes that burning sensation. What’s more XChalk can help protect against infection and aid recovery of damaged hands. Find out more about our premium climbing chalk and why it’s an essential component in your rock climbing. Why Use XCHALK for Climbing?

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Gym & Fitness

     Whilst XChalk was developed with climbers in mind, the product has rapidly become the staple gym chalk with many in the weight lifting and CrossFit scene. The benefits and quality of the magnesium carbonate, with its fine grind helps the chalk to stay on hands longer. Coupled with this, XChalk also encapsulates the natural antibacterial properties of a number of chinese herbs, thought to aid skin recovery, keep you training harder for longer! Using XChalk will give you the confidence to push yourself to the next level with the grip it provides, and the condition in which it leaves your hands. Why Use XCHALK in the Gym?